Predator 314-3 Topeind voor Uni-Loc Dunne Zwarte Ring

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De perfecte Predator 314-3 Topeind voor Uni-Loc Dunne Zwarte met zilveren decoratie passen op vrijwel alle Predator keuen na 2002, alsmede Lucasi en andere merken.

Predator 3rd Gen Shaft technology

The variables involved in creating the most the accurate shafts in the world are numerous. The unique relationships between front-end mass, material strength, wood grain density, and stiffness all play a role in how a shaft performs. Starting with the all-new Vantage and now in the third generation 314 and Z, we’ve refined that equation even further, creating the most dynamic and accurate shafts we’ve ever produced.

Vault Plate and V-Tek Construction

Predator 3rd Gen Shafts vTek Vault Plate Construction


The re-engineered front end construction incorporates the patent pending vault plate. The vault plate completely re-configures the stress points between the tip, tip silencer, ferrule, and splices to create a construction that is stronger from every axis with less mass and a higher level of kinetic energy transfer.

V-Tek Ferrule

Our proprietary formula allows Predator to create it’s own highly specific ferrule material. V-Tek Ferrules are not only stronger, but also lighter, reducing mass and increasing accuracy.

V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencing

Our proprietary blend creates a stronger and more tactile glueing surface, while creating an audibly pleasing sound upon contact with the ball.

Intelligent Match Enhanced Maple Pairing (iMatch)

Predator 3rd gen Shaft iMatch Splice Technology

iMatch Pairing

iMatch is our patented process in which every single triangle is tested for density, mass, and stiffness for optimum pairing resulting in better shaft consistency and playability.

10-Piece North American Hard Maple

Hand selected and kiln dried, only the highest grade North American Maple goes into every Predator Shaft.

More Spin Less Deflection

Predator 3rd Gen Shafts Spin Illustration

Victory Tip

Eight layers of pure performance, each tip is constructed to the most exacting standards and was developed to maintain optimum compression for the entire life of the tip. Its high contrast color allows for better sighting and shaping.

Predator 314, Z and Vantage shaft comparison:

Predator 3rd Gen Shafts Spin Illustration
Meer informatie
Merk Predator
Garantie Levenslange garantie
Keu type Topeind
Sluiting Originele Uni-Loc "quick release"
Pomerans Predator Victory
Vorm Pro
Lengte Topeind 29 inches
Tip Diameter 12.75 mm
Shaft Material Laminated wood
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