Simonis PreciShot Carom Billiard Cushion Cloth - Delsa Blue

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The Simonis PreciShot cushion cloth for carom or 3-cushion billiards provides a constant rebound and persistent spin retention. It is designed to be the optimal cushion cloth complement to the Simonis 300 Rapide cloth for the slate/bed. PreciShot + 300 Rapide = the winning combination

- Constant rebound - Persistent spin retention - Price: by the meter - Roll width: 16 cm / 6.3 in - Color: Delsa Blue Calculate the amount you need (in meters) and enter it in the quantity filed (it accepts decimals) or refer to the table below and enter the proper quantity:

Playfield Slate Cloth Needed in Meters
2.10 x 1.05 m 2.32 x 1.25 m 7,20 meters
2.30 x 1.15 m 2.52 x 1.35 m 7,80 meters
2.84 x 1.42 m 3.02 x 1.60 m 9,30 meters
Manufacturer Simonis
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