Riley was originally established, in 1897, as a humble sports shop in Manchester. By 1912, the Company had diversified into manufacturing Snooker tables in Accrington. It soon produced 4000 full size tables a year and exported to all parts of the globe. By the mid 1920’s the Riley brand, based upon creative design, quality materials and immaculate craftsmanship had grown into a leading premium snooker tables, cues and accessories brand.
In 2002, Stuart Lacey brought the Riley and BCE brands together within the same Group. Today, Riley and BCE Snooker tables continue to be made entirely in the United Kingdom. Their products have an aspirational mix of style, craftsmanship, performance and desirability, with many of the sport’s leading professionals endorsing Riley and BCE products.

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  1. Riley Hard Case -  1/2 Cue + Extension
    Riley Hard Case - 1/2 Cue + Extension
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