Kamui Original Cue Tip - 12/13/14 mm

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Kamui tips are made by compressing 10 layers of pig skin to create the best layered tip on the market today. 

Imported from Japan, the Kamui™ layered tip consists of 100% Japanese pig skin leather. With its unique production process, the tip maintains high porosity in the pig skin, allowing the Kamui™ tip to grip onto chalk. Each layer is carefully laminated creating uniformed quality and performance.

The Kamui Super Soft is suggested for the advanced player. It gives the least deflection to the cue ball’s path and works well with a cue with high deflection.

The Kamui Soft is a great tip for the action player who wants more ball spin (longer contact on the ball). It is softer than the medium soft tip

The Kamui Medium is a great tip for the savvy shooter. It is a little harder than the usual layered medium tip

Hardness: Super Soft - Soft - Medium - Hard

Diameter : 12 - 13 - 14 mm

Sold individually.

Extra charge of 2 euros for diameters 13 and 14

Manufacturer Kamui
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