The Basics of Pool Billiards (Englisch)

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The first Volume from David Alfieri and Uwe Sander, both certified BCA (Billiard Congress of America) Instructors, is a complete book about the basics of Pool. Simple and effective, this book teaches beginners in terms anyone can understand.
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Furthermore, this book is based on the knowledge of Jerry Briesath, founder of The Pool School USA. The knowledge learned from Mr. Briesath is shared in this first of three Volumes by D. Alfieri and U. Sander. Furthermore, for their initiative in the founding of the Pool School Germany, they were acknowledged with a recognized Diploma from the BCA as an Official Teaching Institution. Since then they have taught many Players and Trainers in Europe. The reader gets sound advice on how to achieve the perfect playing system (aim and stroking technique) in Pool. This work, if diligently followed, prevents a beginner from developing natural problems that cost an untutored player many years of technique development. This Volume also explains potential problems and how they come about. The instruction on overall basic movements before, during and after the shot is made, explains not only the how, but also the why this helps. In addition, there is a number of equipment tips involving care, maintenance and usage that both beginners and pros will find useful.
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Mehr Informationen
Hersteller Litho-Verlag
Sport Pool
Autor David Alfieri and Uwe Sander
Sprache English
Pagen 320
Drucken Color + schwarz auf weiß
Binding Paperback
Redakteur Litho-Verlag
Jahr 2005
ISBN 3-9804706-4-4
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