OB-1+ Oberteil Für 3/8x10 Gewinde mit OB Ring

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OB-1+ Shaft for 3/8x10 with stitch ring that is the signature ring for OB Cues.
• Soft, Quiet Hit
• Tip Diameter: 12.75mm
• Ferrule: ¾” Laminated Maple
• Modified Pro Taper
• Low Deflection

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Why choose an OB Plus Shaft? So you want to win more pool games?If winning is your aim then you need to make aiming easier and that is what a Low Deflection or Ultra Low Deflection shaft will do for you. Since 2005, OB Cues based in Plano, Texas has been manufacturing high performance pool cue shafts that make aiming, and the game of pool, easier. The patented OB Plus Shafts are constructed using 6 solid pieces of hard rock maple, called the SR-6+ construction. Each segment is machined in a way that cuts away most of the stress that is found in a piece of maple, which means that OB+ shafts are built straight and stay straight. Another key advantage of this construction is a more radially consistent shaft, which means that you will play more consistently with an OB Plus Shaft on your cue. The technology built into the inside of OB Plus shafts produces very low cueball deflection which makes aiming easier when you have to use left or right English, and it also makes it easier to draw and follow the cueball. Whether you like a big shaft, a skinny shaft, a soft hit or a firm hit, there is an OB Plus Shaft that will fit your style of play. All OB+ Shafts are available in multiple joint options. If you are already serious about your pool game or plan to get serious about your game, then an OB Plus Shaft is the only choice.

Kaufen und verdienen19 Punkte K
Mehr Informationen
Hersteller OB
Garantie Lebensgarantie (begrenzt)
Queuesorte Oberteile
Gewinde 3/8x10
Queueleder Everest
Oberteile form Pro
Oberteile Länge 29 inches
Klebeleder Durchmesser 12.75 mm
Shaft Material Wood
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