Lucasi Hybrid Big Beulah 2 Break Queue

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The Lucasi Hybrid Big Beulah 2 Break Cue is bigger and stronger than the original. It delivers powerful breaks and gives you ultimate cue ball control. It is packed with new technology such as the X-Shox Dampening System to give you more comfort on impact, the G5 Grip Technology for more stability, a Carbon fiber ferrule, the TSC shaft construction to make this cue more durable, the S4 Technology that provides the largest sweet spot, as well as an original Uni-Loc Quick Release joint.

Kaufen und verdienen 38 Punkte K

• The X-Shox Dampening System™ is a shock absorbing memory foam that is integrated into the wrap. It reduces the vibration of the impact by more than 27% compared to other cues, making your most powerful break easy on the arm.

• G5 Grip Technology™ boasts a distinctive pattern that provides great traction and stability for increased cue ball control. This allows for a more stable shot, and translates into controlled “English” on the ball.

• Carbon Fiber Ferrule + TSC Construction for powerful breaks. Its light weight and virtually indestructible ferrule combined with its eight piece radial shaft construction (TSC) makes it solid to the core. The ultimate machine to make your break explosive.

• The S4 technology was engineered to give you an explosive reaction when your tip hits the cue ball. The massive tip size allows for ultimate ball control and reduces unwanted spin. And to top that, the super hard tip is a composite that combines special polymers and Bakelite for an intense break.

Kaufen und verdienen 38 Punkte K
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Queue designLack
GewindeUni-Loc Quick-Release
Oberteile formCustom
Oberteile Länge29 inches
Klebeleder Durchmesser12.75 mm
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