Longoni Cremona Carribean Billard Queue

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The Longoni Cremona carom billiard cue with its "less is more" design, is the perfect cue for the technique lovers. The Curly maple used on this cue is the same one used for the most prestigious violins in the world. It comes from Balkan peninsula: acoustic and playability are its key points.
This cue is sold with one shaft of your choice and joint protectors.
The weight of the cue can vary depending on the woods used. We will do our best to get to your preferred weight range. For best results, we suggest that you order the official weight kit so you can make your own weight adjustments. (Check its box in the left column and it will be added to the cart along with your cue).

• Stainless steel collars
• Longoni original leather strips.
• Solid Core for a more solid hit, the maple is strengthened inside with Hornbeam.
• VP2 titanium joint for a great feel, a light weight and durability.
• 3-Lobite extension system installed. • Joint protectors included.

Kaufen und verdienen 77 Punkte K
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Longoni Cremona Carribean Karambol Billard Queue
Longoni Cremona Carribean Billard Queue

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765,00 €

    Kaufen und verdienen 77 Punkte K
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    Garantie2 Jahre
    QueuesorteDreiband / Libre
    GriffbandOhne griffband
    Queue designEinlagen
    GewindeLongoni VP2
    Oberteile formEiffel
    Klebeleder Durchmesser11 / 11.5 / 12 mm
    QueuelederKamui Black
    Queue-Verlängerung3 Lobite kompatibel
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