Favero Zähltafel Electronic Play 6 mit Infrarot-fernbedienung

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The Favero Play 6 Electronic Scoreboard with infra-red remote control will be very useful in keeping track of score, games and average. - Suitable for all billiard games - 2 or 6 players - Match count - Wall mounted

Kaufen und verdienen33 Punkte K

Technical specifications: - Ultra-flat: only 4 cm thick - Height: 19.5 cm - Length: 56cm. - 60 mm high numbers - Flat, membrane keyboard with large buttons and clearly legible printing which make the keyboard easy to use and pleasant to look at. Sealed against dust and smoke, it eliminates problems of uncertain touches by players over time. Minimum life span of each button: five million touches. - If there is a blackout, no point total held in the memory will be lost, and all that without the use of batteries. - A sturdy plastic container, completely insulated with no need of a ground connection. It comes equipped with cord and plug, but it can be opened easily at the back for a possible direct connection. - Wall mounting is simple, solid and immediate using 2 front screws. - Negligible energy consumption: max 6VA at 230Vac (available 115Vac version). KEYS FUNCTIONS - ON/OFF button: turns on and off. - START button: returns the score to zero to begin a game. - Buttons from 0 to 9: for setting the points to add; the addition will be carried out automatically three seconds after their entry. - Buttons (C) and (-): for deleting the last entry and for subtracting points respectively. - MEMORY button: shows the points previously recorded (as a check). - MATCH COUNT button: if one wishes to count the number of games won as well as have the point score. - 2 or 6 PLAYERS button: allows the keeping of scores for 2 or 6 players. When set up for 6 players, one side shows the player's number and the other his respective score.

Kaufen und verdienen33 Punkte K
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