Dynaspheres Platinum 615 Karambol Billardkugeln

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Result of a partnership between HCSB (Gabriels, Molinari, Vector) and Shanghai XINZHAN Rubber Co., Ltd. (Cyclop), the phenolic resin balls Dynaspheres are placed as challengers against the famous Belgian Aramith balls, present in all major competitions.

Dynaspheres has worked with big names such as Semih Sayginer or Shane van Boening to promote the quality of these new balls. In terms of flexibility and resistance, our first tests are very interesting.

Kaufen und verdienen 13 Punkte K

Set contains 1 white ball, 1 red ball, 1 yellow ball and a cleaning cloth. Each ball is marked with 6 blue Rotor™ for increased feedback on spin.

  • Size: 61,5 mm +/- 0,08 mm
  • Weight: 210 gram +/- 1,0 gram
  • Gravity: 1,725 +/- 0,02
  • Hardness: ≥ 59 Rockwell
  • Composition: extremely high phenolic resin content
Kaufen und verdienen 13 Punkte K
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