Dreiband Oberteil Longoni S20 C69 - Holz Gewinde - Konisch - 69 cm - 11,8 mm

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Over 2 years of testing with Marco Zanetti helped Longoni innovate one more time with laminated technology for a better playing experience in 3-Cushion. The new S20 shaft features very low deflection, a better balance, and incredible weight control. S20 is a laminated shaft made of 20 specially selected Canadian Maple slices. Entirely made in Italy, this shaft is dried for a long period of time to provide high stability and performance.

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"S20 is the shaft of my recent success, the one everybody can see. I developed this with the Longoni team almost 2 years ago. I wanted a shaft with power and low deflection, but with character and I got it. AGIPI masters, Lausanne Master and the European title have been achieved with my S20, and now the dream is accessible to everybody." Marco Zanetti - Italy

• 11.8 mm tip diameter
• Conical taper
• 69 cm length
• Wood joint
• JBR ferrule
• Longoni Fuji Camogli laminated tip
• Made in Italy

Kaufen und verdienen27 Punkte K
Mehr Informationen
Hersteller Longoni
Garantie 2 Jahre
Queuesorte Oberteile
Gewinde Longoni WJ
Queueleder Longoni Fuji Camogli
Oberteile form Conical
Oberteile Länge 69 cm
Klebeleder Durchmesser 11.8 mm
Shaft Material Laminated wood
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