Buffalo Dominator Jump/Break Queue

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Stylish Dominator 'Jump/Break' cue with phenolic break tip. Phenolic is an extremely hard material combining linen and resin which provides extra power on the break. It is also the perfect material for jumping the cue-ball when hooked. Buffalo Dominator cues also use the 'Dynamic Shock Protection Grip' which absorbs vibrations and gives a strong and steady grip on the cue. The phenolic tip combined with the shock grip lets you really hammer the break!

Kaufen und verdienen 19 Punkte K

• Jump & Break Cue • Phenolic Tip • Dynamic Shock Protection Grip • American Style Professional Taper • Good Value for Money • 19-20oz Weight

Kaufen und verdienen 19 Punkte K
Mehr Informationen
Hersteller Buffalo
Queuesorte Break / Jump
Griffband Synthetisch
Queue design Lack
Gewinde 5/16x18
Oberteile form Pro
Oberteile Länge 29 inches
Klebeleder Durchmesser 13 mm
Queueleder Phenolic
Queue-Verlängerung Keine
Gewindeschoner Nicht inbegriffen
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