Billiard Manual 3C - Dr. G. Hüpper (Englisch)

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3-cushion is the highest form of carom billiards: hitting both object balls after contact with three cushions, is one of the most difficult billiard disciplines of all. Sport, artistry and physics come together in an impressive fashion, shown in text and illustrated with graphics in this book. This work represents the most comprehensive publication of 3-cushion billiards ever published in print. It goes in depth and covers all areas of the game, with over 1800 illustrations.

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This book discusses the basics: Intelligent shot selection, pre-stroke routine - stroke types and execution, precise aiming - proper speed - and physical principles. The main section, organized by patterns, goes over the various possible solutions in detail. This book is not only intended for beginners, but for advanced players as well. The advice given is tailored to the playing strengths of the reader. And the priority is always given to the the best solution to a problem, and to the position and system play as a way to monitor the improvement of your results.

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Mehr Informationen
Hersteller Litho-Verlag
Sport Dreiband
Autor Dr. G. Hüpper
Sprache English
Pagen 278
Drucken Color + schwarz auf weiß
Format 21x29,7 cm
Redakteur Litho-Verlag
Jahr 2005
ISBN 9783-941484-20-7
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