Billard Kreide Kamui 1.21 β Beta

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Kamui 1.21 β Beta Billiard Chalk - 36% larger than the previous α version. Larger Sweet Spot: Kamui Chalk contains a much finer particle size than standard billiard chalk.This maximizes the friction and offers a larger sweet spot, which also allows to generate more spin on the cue ball. More Accurate Aim: Reducing slippage decreases cue ball deflection, giving the player a more accurate trajectory when English is applied. The Kamui 1.21 billiard chalk lasts longer than the 0.98 thanks to a harder compound, and gives the player more confidence with the usual pre-shot routine. It also leaves less residue on the cue ball.

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Kamui is dedicated to improving the players ability has been taken to another level, the billiard chalk. The real function of billiard chalk on a molecular level is to grab the surface of the cue ball. It took 2 years for Kamui to learn and understand the real principle of chalk. After exploring over 100 different formulas to achieve maximum grip for the Kamui billiard tip, the formula number 98 and 121 were the breakthrough. Kamui achieved what other manufacturers could not achieve. Kamui's philosophy is simple. They are never satisfied with the products they produce. Kamui chalk #0.98 and #1.21 are a real breakthrough in allowing YOU to achieve your best performance.

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