Cơ nhảy Poison VX4 JMP - Màu đỏ

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Don’t let anything get in your path to victory with the Poison VX – JMP Jump Cue. Fitted with the revolutionary GTX grip and paired with a phenolic-tip and ultra-light jump shaft engineered by Predator, the VX-JMP is ready to take your game to new heights.

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• Two-piece Jump Cue.
• Phenolic Jump Tip.
• Mini-Radial Joint.
• Removable Back-End.
• Low-friction Matte Finish.
• GTX Grip with alternating traction zones.
• Weight: 7.5oz. (adjustable in 0.2, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 oz. increments with weight bolts)

Mua hàng và nhận được "9 K points
Biết thêm thông tin
Manufacturer Poison
Warranty Lifetime Warranty (Limited)
Cue Type Jump Cue
Wrap Type Synthetic Grip
Cue Design Decals
Cue Joint Uni-Loc Mini-Radial
Shaft Taper Pro
Shaft length 29 inches
Tip Diameter 13 mm
Cue Tip Phenolic
Cue Extension None
Joint Protectors Not included
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