Bao cơ Poison 2x4 Armor 2

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The Poison Armor 2 cue cases are constructed of ballistic nylon and feature a look and feel that sets them apart from any other case. Inspired by urban camouflage and tactical gear, Poison cases are designed to protect your arsenal – whether it’s on your turf, or the competition’s.
Mua hàng và nhận được 17 K points
Pro Grip Handle.
Padded & adjustable shoulder strap.
Non-slip case footing and studs.
One-click opening.
Jump-cue butt pocket.
Mua hàng và nhận được 17 K points
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Manufacturer Poison
Warranty Lifetime Warranty (Limited)
Case Type Hard
Case Length 1/2
Jump Handle Pocket Yes
Case Material Nylon
Case Pocket Space Large
Case Size 2 x 4
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