Ngọn cơ OB-1 răng 3/8x10 với Stitch Ring

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OB-1 Shaft for 3/8x10 with stitch ring that is the signature ring for OB Cues.

• Soft, Quiet Hit
• Tip Diameter: 12.75mm
• Ferrule: ¾” Laminated Maple
• Modified Pro Taper
• Low Deflection

Mua hàng và nhận được 13 K points

Why Should I Play With an OB-1 shaft?

The OB-1 provides the optimal combination of the main characteristics that drive your cue's performance:

Low cue ball deflection: "Cue ball deflection" occurs when the cue shaft contacts the cue ball left or right of center (i.e: when you use "English"). Instead of traveling along the center line of the cue, the cue ball will travel down the table at an angle to the line on which the cue is pointing. When using side english or spin, "Cue ball deflection" must be compensated for when you are aiming in order to hit the object ball where you want. The more you have to compensate, the more likely you are to miss. Since side english is necessary to play position on the next ball, "Cue ball deflection" is something we all have to deal with. "Cue ball deflection" is affected by the weight ratio between the tip end of the cue and the cue ball. Obviously, we can't change the weight of the cue ball, so we focused on the tip end of the shaft. By reducing the weight of the tip end of the shaft, we have reduced the "Cue ball deflection". The OB-1 tests virtually equivalent to the lowest deflection pro taper shaft on the market. The fact that, when playing with the OB-1, you don’t need to worry about deflection is just part of the story. The entire construction has deviated from the conventional path.

Straightness: Unlike Pie laminated shafts, the OB-1 shaft is made up from six “stress relieved” segments. Each of these segments is made from straight grained laminated maple and machined in a manner that removes the internal stress to help insure the shaft is straight and stable. These six segments are then assembled into the shaft “blank” that is the start of the OB-1.

Radial Uniformity: Due to the unique construction of the “blank” for the OB-1 shaft, it provides extremely consistent stiffness no matter how you rotate it. Any Flat Laminated shaft is always stiffer in one direction than the other depending on how it is rotated. What this means for you is that you don’t need to rotate the cue to put a mark on the top before you shoot. Control: The pro taper on the OB-1 is longer than most cues. In a normal shaft, this leads to inconsistent cue ball control. Due to the stiffness of the unique construction of the OB-1, there is no whippy or inconsistent feel. Actually, the longer taper combined with this stiffness gives you the benefit of increased cue ball spin when you need it.

Feel: Good performance and good feel are no longer mutually exclusive. With the OB-1 shaft, you get the performance of low deflection combined with a shaft that feels like a real shaft should feel. Part of that comes from the fact that our shaft is not hollow on the end. The final 4 inches of our shaft is all wood, including the ferrule. The other part of it comes from the use of a high density, vibration dampening foam in the core of the shaft.

Mua hàng và nhận được 13 K points
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Manufacturer OB
Warranty Lifetime Warranty (Limited)
Cue Type Shaft
Cue Joint 3/8x10
Cue Tip Everest
Shaft Taper Pro
Shaft length 29 inches
Tip Diameter 12.75 mm
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