Cơ bida Carom Molinari- Predator CRMSP15

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The Molinari by Predator CRMSP-15 cue's accuracy and amazing feel will revolutionize your game ! It is constructed with the Predator 4 points full-splice technique, with black/red/maple veneers, a Black maple handle and natural curly maple forearm. It comes with one high-performance Molinari by Predator Vantage 3C shaft that is more accurate than conventional shafts and generates more spin. You will see a real difference in accuracy on long shots with side spin. You don't need to compensate for the cue ball deflecting to the side, it goes where you are aiming. The Predator 3C shaft is a real revolution that will help you play better, whether you are new to the game or a confirmed player. Standard tip diameter: 11.8 mm.
Mua hàng và nhận được "60 K points
  • Cue butt made of maple with black and red veneers
  • Molinari Lancia ST solid carbon shaft
  • Uni-Loc joint
  • Molinari Medium tip
  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Butt length: 74 cm
  • Shaft length: 69 cm
  • Joint protectors included
Mua hàng và nhận được "60 K points
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Manufacturer Molinari
Warranty 2 Years Warranty
Cue Type 3-Cushion
Wrap Type No Wrap
Cue Design Full Splice
Cue Joint Uni-Loc Quick-Release
Shaft Taper Custom
Shaft length 69 cm
Tip Diameter 12 mm
Cue Tip Molinari Medium
Cue Extension Compatible with Predator Extension Kit
Joint Protectors Included
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