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A good lighting is essential to enjoy your billiard table and your game.
Mua hàng và nhận được 9 K points
Billiard Table Light:
• Fixture bar brass with 3 blue lampshades in metal
• chains fastening
• Lampshades diameter : about 35 cm
• Light length : 150 cm
This light is suitable for 7ft, 8ft and 9ft tables.

What is the better installation for a billiard table light?
Light must be diffused to soften shadows under balls or rails.
The height of the light point from the floor must be between 1m40 and 1m60.
The space between the lights and the short rails must be between 50 or 80 centimeters for offer a homogeneous light.
At last, we advice to use 60 watts bulbs.
Mua hàng và nhận được 9 K points
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