Cơ nhảy Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog

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Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog Cue The new breakthrough technology in the Air Hog makes jump shots seem effortless.

• 14mm Phenolic Tip
• Uni-Loc™ quick-release joint system
• 13" Proprietary light weight core butt construction
• G5 Grip Technology™ for Superior Stability
• X-Shox Dampening System™ for More Comfort
• Carbon Fiber Ferrule + TSC Construction for a Shaft that’s Virtually Indestructible • 7.9 oz

Mua hàng và nhận được 11 K points
  • Jump cue
  • 14mm Phenolic tip
  • Hard Maple shaft
  • Uni-Loc Quick Release joint
  • Fusion G5 Grip
  • Mua hàng và nhận được 11 K points
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    Manufacturer Lucasi
    Warranty Unknown
    Cue Type Jump Cue
    Wrap Type Synthetic Grip
    Cue Design Painted
    Cue Joint Uni-Loc Quick-Release
    Shaft Taper Custom
    Tip Diameter 13.75 mm
    Cue Tip Phenolic
    Cue Extension None
    Joint Protectors Not included
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