Hanbat Damas 105 Billiard Cue

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The Damas cue models are manufactured adopting the internationally-patented PLUSFIVE technique. They are processed and manufactured 100% in Korea of high-quality materials selected, sorted out, and handled by experts under a strict quality control system. 



Mua hàng và nhận được "150 K points
  • Model DAMAS-105
  • Materials: Hard Maple, Damaseood, Red & White marble
  • Manufacturer Hanbat
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty
  • Cue Type: 3-Cushion
  • No Wrap
  • Cue Design: Inlayed
  • Cue Joint: Radial Double joint
  • Shaft Taper: Custom
  • Shaft length: 72cm
  • Butt length: 70cm
  • Tip Diameter: 12 mm
  • Cue Tip: Hanbat
  • Joint Protectors Included


Mua hàng và nhận được "150 K points
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Manufacturer Hanbat
Warranty 2 Years Warranty
Cue Type 3-Cushion
Wrap Type No Wrap
Cue Design Inlayed
Cue Joint Radial Double joint
Shaft Taper Custom
Shaft length 70 cm
Tip Diameter 12 mm
Cue Tip Hanbat
Joint Protectors Included
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