DVD Venom Trickshots

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DVD tập hợp hơn 160 cú đánh siêu đỉnh của Florian "Venom" Kohler.

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"This is some of the most amazing artistry you will ever see in pool. The kid is a phenom." Mika Immonen (08/09 US Open champion) Quintuplet masse shots, a 24 foot two-rail jump shot, doubles play, mini-table action, and a beautiful assistant are only a few of the incredible displays that make Venom Trickshots one of the best trickshots collection ever assembled.

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Manufacturer Venom Trickshots
Sport Pool
Video Type DVD
Video Content Artistic
Language English
Video Definition SD
Screen Size 16/9
Video Length 1H05
Video Format MPEG
Year 2009
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