Cơ bida Longoni *** Panarea

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  • White maple beauty enriched with refined inlays.
  • Olivewood and Macassar Ebony rings give exclusivity to the design.
  • Acrylic and synthetic turtle inlays.
  • This cue is sold with one shaft of your choice.
Mua hàng và nhận được "19 K points
Tùy chỉnh Cơ bida Longoni *** Panarea
Cơ bida Longoni *** Panarea BQC (In Stock (4) ) (In Stock (4) )

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Cơ bida Longoni *** Panarea

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187,50 €

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    The weight of the cue can vary depending on the woods used. We will do our best to get to your preferred weight range. For best results, we suggest that you order the official weight kit so you can make your own weight adjustments. (Check its box in the left column and it will be added to the cart along with your cue).

    Mua hàng và nhận được "19 K points
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    Manufacturer Longoni
    Warranty 2 Years Warranty
    Cue Type 3 Cushion / Libre
    Wrap Type Exotic Wood Wrap
    Cue Design Natural Woods
    Cue Joint Longoni WJ
    Shaft Taper Eiffel or Conical
    Shaft length 67 cm / 70.5 cm
    Tip Diameter 11 / 12 mm
    Cue Tip Da Vinci
    Cue Extension 3 Lobite bumper can be installed (optional)
    Joint Protectors Not included
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