Cơ bida carom Mezz CR-134Mj

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The Mezz CR-134Mj carom billiard cue features the WXC shaft, the tapered core butt technology and the Mezz Wavy joint. t has a Birdseye Maple but with Juma, Red Juma and black wood inlays. The decorative rings alternate Silver and white Aegis. The Mezz Cr series are not only stunning but provide the ultimate playability and performance.

Mua hàng và nhận được "85 K points

• Shaft: WXC 3C J69 • Shaft length: 69 cm
• Tip: Moori M 12 mm
• Joint: Mezz Wavy
• Butt length: 72 cm
• Weight: 500 - 520 gr

Mua hàng và nhận được "85 K points
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Manufacturer Mezz
Cue Type 3-Cushion
Wrap Type Exotic Wood Wrap
Cue Design Inlayed
Cue Joint Mezz Wavy
Shaft Taper Custom
Shaft length 69 cm
Tip Diameter 12 mm
Cue Tip Moori
Cue Extension Compatible with Mezz Extension Kit (needs X bumper)
Joint Protectors Included
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