Cơ bida Karma Patti Burgundy

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Đây là mẫu cơ với giá rất hợp lý. Cơ bán kèm 1 ngọn Karma.
Mua hàng và nhận được "14 K points
Tùy chỉnh Cơ bida Karma Patti Burgundy
Cơ bida Karma Patti (In Stock (43) ) (In Stock (43) )

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Karma Patti Billiard Cue
Cơ bida Karma Patti Burgundy

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140,83 €

Tóm tắt
    • Burgundy maple butt with rosewood stripes
    • Genuine Uni-Loc Radial joint system
    • Everest cue tip by Tiger
    • XTC ferrule
    • Cue case included

    SLIM and CONIC Series games shafts descriptions :
    SLIM Karma shaft: An exceptional result on massé and rétro shots, but gives more vibration on powerful shots. This shaft is not recommended for the one cushion game, but will delight fans of short series.
    CONIC Karma Shaft : Standard conic taper that will give you a balanced result on short series than bank shots. Owners of Adam, Buffalo, or Longoni carom cues will feel at home with this shaft.

    Mua hàng và nhận được "14 K points
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    Manufacturer Karma
    Warranty Lifetime Warranty (Limited)
    Cue Type Pool / 3 Cushion / Libre
    Wrap Type Exotic Wood Wrap
    Cue Design Stained Woods
    Cue Joint Uni-Loc Mini-Radial
    Shaft Taper Custom
    Tip Diameter 11mm / 12mm / 12.75mm
    Cue Tip Everest
    Cue Extension Compatible with the Karma extension
    Joint Protectors Not included
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