Billiard Master Tour - 2003

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Khám phá môn bi-a nghệ thuật với một trong những tay cơ giỏi nhất trong lĩnh vực của mình: Jean Reverchon, 3 lần vô địch thế giới và 4 lần giành giải Cúp Canal +.

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The final without mercy between the Belgian player Eddy Merckx and the turkish player Semih Sayginer is shown entirely. Present all along the competition, the Kozoom Production team filmed numerous matches, and selected teh best shots for you. The best figures by Bitalis, Blomdhal, Caudron, Jaspers, Merckx, Nelin and Sayginer are organized by topic in a 1H20 "Best Of". These videos are commented by two 3 cushion experts : Frédéric Caudron (World Champion) and Richard Bitalis (World Champion Runner-Up). Included in the DVD : all the results and a photo album of the event.

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Manufacturer Kozoom
Sport 3-Cushion
Video Type DVD
Video Content Match
Language English, French
Comments Yes
Video Definition SD
Screen Size 4/3
Video Length 2H48
Video Format MPEG 2
Year 2003
Editor Kozoom Production
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