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    Bonzini B90 Tafelvoetbal / Voetbaltafel - Wit

    Bonzini B90 Tafelvoetbal / Voetbaltafel - Wit Bonzini B90 Tafelvoetbal - Wit
    Bonzini B90 Tafelvoetbal / Voetbaltafel - Wit
    Bonzini B90 Foosball / Table Soccer - White
    Bonzini B90 Foosball / Table Soccer - New York White

    Bonzini B90 Tafelvoetbal / Voetbaltafel - Wit

    The White Bonzini B90 foosball or table soccer is a very robust product. The materials used are the same as on the bar B60 version. The long sides of the body are in laminated 1st quality Beech wood, with a 22mm thickness. The lateral sides are in solid 1st quality Beech wood. The assembly is reinforced by mechanical elements that give it a great resistance.
    € 1.915,00
    Ref: B.BON.B90.BLA
    Beschikbaarheid: 7-8 weken

    Reward PointsKoop en verdien 147 Punten K

    Handles *
    Balls *
    Playfield Lines *
    Technical specifications of the White Bonzini B90 (without coin operation) :

    • Dimensions : 1,50 m x 1,00 m x 0,95 m - 80 kg
    • Body : First quality Beech wood, white polyurethane varnish
    • Rods : Telescopic, modified hard stainless steel, interchangeable
    • Players : aluminum, attached to the bars with a high resistance screw, hand decorated, oven baked paint
    • Goals : polished aluminum
    • Legs : massive beech wood, removable
    • Ball returns on both large sides
    • Delivered with 6 balls (cork or plastic to be specified)

    Free option of the White Bonzini B90:

    • Type of handle (round, long, ergonomic or long USA)

    Shipping costs:

    • France: Free shipping
    • Germany: 160 €
    • Spain: 213 €
    • Italy: 213 €
    • Portugal: 216 €
    • Poland: 213 €
    • Austria: 186 €
    • Czech Republic: 186€
    • Switzerland: 347 € (includes customs fees, but does not include the Swiss VAT taxes that is to be paid upon receipt)
    • Other countries: contact us for a shipping quote.
    Garantie Onbekend
    Installation Easy
    Tafel grootte 150 x 100
    Tafel type Tafelvoetbal
    Table Options Nee
    Tafel ontwerp Modern
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