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    Predator SP2 REVO 2 Poolkeu - Met Grip

    Predator SP2 REVO 2 Poolkeu - Met Grip Predator SP2 REVO 2 Poolkeu - Met Grip

    Predator SP2 REVO 2 Poolkeu - Met Grip

    The Predator SP2 REVO 2 Limited Edition pool cue features Predator’s championship winning C4+ butt construction and the new ground breaking REVO carbon fiber composite shaft. Every limited production Sneaky Pete REVO cue was designed and developed to give your game the upper hand on the competition.
    Each Limited Edition package features one of Predator’s hallmark SP2 cues with C4+ butt-construction technology, a REVO carbon fiber shaft, a limited edition box, 9 REVO cleaning towelettes, 2 pieces of Predator 1080 chalk, 1 microfiber cleaning cloth, and everything you need to take your their game to a completely new level.
    € 945,00
    Ref: QA.PRE.SP2.REVO.2
    Beschikbaarheid: 3-6 weken

    Reward PointsKoop en verdien 79 Punten K

    REVO Technology

    After more than 10 years of research and development, the future of billiards has arrived. Introducing the Predator REVO carbon fiber composite shafts. Developed and manufactured at Predator Group's research and development center just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Predator REVO shafts feature the utmost level of accuracy and performance.

    The Carbon Composite Difference:

    The Predator REVO carbon shaft sets a truly new standard for performance and delivers more of what players demand: more accuracy, more spin, more consistency, and more longevity.
    With a carbon fiber composite construction and no ferrule, the REVO shaft has the lowest front-end mass and highest stiffness rating ever achieved. The results is an amazing accuracy with lower deflection at both high and low speeds, great energy transfer, and effortless spin allowing for improved control of the cue ball, and ultimately the table.
    The REVO shaft's benefits don't stop to mere performance on the table either. It will never warp, and the shaft's ultra-smooth finish is highly resistant to dings, dirt, and to the wear and tear that a shaft sees during its life.

    REVO Front-End Construction

    Predator REVO carbon pool cue shaft front-end construction

    Vault Plate
    The patent pending Vault Plate completely re-configures the stress points between the Predator Victory Tip, V-TEK Tip Silencer, R2 molecular multi-density foam, and carbon fiber composite tube to create a construction that is stronger from every axis with less mass and a higher level of kinetic energy transfer.

    R2 Molecular Multi-Density Foam
    The R2 molecular multi-density foam fills the shaft with multiple densities at specific locations to increase or decrease stiffness and transfer consistent feedback to the player's hand.

    V-TEK Fiber Tip Silencer
    The V-TEK Tip Silencer creates a better gluing surface and protects the Vault Plate, while creating a pleasing sound upon contact with the cue ball.

    REVO Carbon Composite Construction

    Predator REVO carbon pool cue shaft construction

    Unidirectional Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber Tow
    Woven fibers have long been the expected standard of carbon fiber construction, but they are not necessarily the best for every application. We have long recognized both the strength and the function of carbon fiber weave, however, recent advances in fiber technology and construction techniques have led Predator to take a different design approach. Previously, a woven fabric was the norm for the outermost covering of any carbon component. Now, new aerospace grade carbon fiber tow construction methods and new fiber placement theories allow us to tune the shaft by orienting the carbon fiber tow in the directions most suitable for a particular location in the shaft itself.


    REVO Low-Rise Taper

    Predator REVO carbon pool cue shaft low-rise taper

    Low-Rise Taper
    The low-rise taper is the result of the shaft's unique construction and strength. This build allows for an extremely straight taper that only increases five percent over the first fourteen inches of the shaft, which feels comfortable and natural to the player.

    Low-Friction Surface Finish
    The extremely smooth and maintainable REVO shaft surface is created by our specially developed carbon fiber polishing process. This process involves measuring the shaft's surface. Using a diamond stylus profilometer we measure every shaft and maintain a strict tolerance we call "Predator's surface finish motif" which keeps the shaft from being either under polished (creating a less than desirable rough finish) or over polished (creating a glossy or sticky surface often exhibited on low-quality fiberglass composite shafts).

    More Spin Less Deflection

    Predator REVO carbon pool cue shaft low-rise taper

    Victory Tip
    Eight layers of pure performance, each tip is constructed to the most exacting standards and was developed to maintain optimum compression for the entire life of the tip. Its high-contrast color allows for improved sighting and shaping.

    More Performance
    Predator REVO shafts deliver even more increased rotation and accuracy than spliced wooden shafts. Through their unparalleled combination of strength, stiffness, and low-mass, REVO carbon composite shafts allow players to play more spin at any velocity, with not only less effort, but with the most consistent hit in the world.

    REVO Shaft Finish Maintenance

    REVO carbon composite shafts should never be sanded or modified. Sanding the surface of the REVO shaft will damage the exterior finish and weaken the shaft’s structural integrity and release potentially harmful materials that could affect your health. Any sanding, polishing, or treatment of the surface of the shaft with chemicals or abrasives of any kind will void the shaft’s limited-lifetime warranty and negatively affect the shaft’s longevity and performance. Never use talcum powder, baby powder, hand chalk, or other shaft treatments on a REVO carbon fiber composite shaft.

    To clean the surface of your REVO carbon composite shaft, you can use one of the following two solutions: REVO Wipes, or Isopropyl Alcohol (90%) cleaning.

    Step 1. Wipe the shaft with the included microfiber cleaning cloth, brushing away any lose dirt, dust and debris.

    Step 2. Using a REVO wipe or soft cloth towel with a reasonable amount of Isopropyl Alcohol (90%), work up and down the shaft, from the joint end toward the tip while rotating your hand around the shaft’s circumference. You may see dirt on the towelette – this is normal. Continue to work the shaft until all areas have been thoroughly wiped, allowing 1-2 minutes for the surface to dry.

    Garantie Levenslange garantie
    Keu type Pool keu
    Handgreep type Exotische houten handgreep
    Keu ontwerp Natuurlijk hout
    Sluiting Originele Uni-Loc "quick release"
    Vorm Predator Low-Rise
    Lengte Topeind 29 inches
    Tip Diameter 12.9 mm
    Pomerans Predator Victory (Soft)
    Keu verlengstuk Compatible with Predator Extension Kit
    Joint beschermers Inbegrepen
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