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    Predator Air 2 Jump Keu

    Predator Air 2 Jump Keu Predator Air 2 Jump Keu - Biljart Keu

    Predator Air 2 Jump Keu

    Predator Air 2 Jump Cue - Your get out of jail free card.

    Safe, just isn’t safe anymore! The new Predator Air II jump cue has been developed in conjunction with the ground breaking BK3. Air 2 was designed and developed to help you get out of those tricky spots, no matter where you are. It’s ready for your next great escape.
    € 209,00
    Ref: QA.PRE.AIR.2
    Beschikbaarheid: Niet in voorraad
    EDA : 11/10/2017

    Reward PointsKoop en verdien 17 Punten K
    The Predator Air 2 Jump Cue features:

    • 3 Piece construction for flexibility: Air II utilizes a three-piece construction, providing the optimal cue length for both full length and short jumps alike, with only one quick turn of the Uni-loc® Quick Release joint.

    • Cartridge system to fine-tune your jumps with precision: Air II features an adjustable weight system that allows the jump cue to be tuned to your stroke, delivering the optimal trajectory and spin control for you.

    • Carbon Fiber Shaft Collar for strength: Air II employs high-strength weight reducing construction techniques and components, including the carbon fiber shaft collar designed for the renowned BK3, and the Uni-Loc® Ultralight Mini-radial pin.

    • Matte Black finish.
    Garantie Levenslange garantie
    Keu type Jump keu
    Handgreep type Kale handgreep
    Keu ontwerp Geverfd
    Sluiting Uni-Loc Mini-Radial
    Vorm Custom
    Lengte Topeind 29 inches
    Tip Diameter 12.75 mm
    Pomerans Phenolic
    Keu verlengstuk Geen
    Joint beschermers Niet-inbegrepen
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