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    Lucasi Hybrid LH40 Grijs Poolkeu

    Lucasi Hybrid LH40 Grijs Poolkeu Lucasi Hybrid LH40 Grijs Poolkeu

    Lucasi Hybrid LH40 Grijs Poolkeu

    Lucasi Hybrid LH40 grijs Poolkeu met G5 grip

    • Uni-Loc; quick-release sluiting
    • 4-delige achtereind constructie
    • G5 grip technologie
    • X-Shox dampening system voor meer comfort
    • Maesteri 8-laagse pomerans voor maximale controle and duurzaamheid.
    • TSC constructie voor maximaal resultaat
    • Ingegraveerde Stainless Steel achtereind dop.
    € 338,00
    Ref: QA.LUC.LH40
    Beschikbaarheid: 3-4 weken

    Reward PointsKoop en verdien 28 Punten K
    Lucasi Hybrid Technology

    Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cue Technology

    Want a competitive edge ?
    Lucasi knows how important your game is to you. So we have taken each part of the cue - from the tip to the butt - and then, through extensive testing, identified the best technologies that bring the highest performance to that part of the cue. These technologies bring you more accuracy, greater ball control, a more solid hit, less vibration, reduced deflection, a smoother storke, and an increased level of comfort.

    Cue Butt Technology
    Lucasi Hybrid's unique four-piece butt construction brings increase durability to your cue, reduces its vibration, and gives you a solid hit.

    G5 Grip Technology
    G5 Grip Technology boasts a distinctive collection of patterns that provides unprecedented traction and stability for increase cue ball control. This allows for a more stable shot, translating into controlled "English" on the ball.

    X-Shox Dampening System For More Comfort
    The X-Shox Dampening System features patent-pending shock absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap. X-Shox significantly reduces impact shock by shielding the vibration by more than 27% compared to other cues on the market.

    Maesteri 8 Layer Tip for Maximum Control and Consistency
    Eight layers of the highest quality pigskin leather, each layer cut to a uniform thickness and is checked for hardness, then laminated together with a special vacuum sealing process that creates a tip with a uniform response that brings you maximum control and consistency.

    TSC for Ultimate Performance
    Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC) is a special 8-piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, transferring your energy into unmatched power and ultimate control.

    Zero Flexpoint for dead-on accuracy or Zero Flex Slim for and even greater performance
    Garantie Levenslange garantie
    Keu type Pool keu
    Handgreep type Synthetische handgreep
    Keu ontwerp Natuurlijk hout
    Sluiting Originele Uni-Loc "quick release"
    Vorm Pro
    Lengte Topeind Nee
    Tip Diameter 12.75 mm
    Pomerans Maesteri
    Keu verlengstuk Geen
    Joint beschermers Niet-inbegrepen
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