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    Buffalo Dominator II No1 Poolkeu

    Buffalo Dominator II No1 Poolkeu Buffalo Dominator II No1 Poolkeu

    Buffalo Dominator II No1 Poolkeu

    The Buffalo Dominator II No 1 Pool Cue combines sporty looks with the latest available cue technology. The stainless steel joint is highlighted by 2 nickel silver rings and provides maximum contact between the butt and shaft, which produces a solid hit.

    This cue uses the Shape Charge Technology (SCT) ferrule. Just under the tip there is a Carbon Fibre Energy Plate which helps transfer more kinetic energy of the cue into the cue-ball with less effort. Combines with the 8 layered Maestri tip, the SCT ferrule provides extra confidence when playing.

    Buffalo Dominator cues also use the 'Dynamic Shock Protection Grip' which absorbs vibrations and gives a strong and steady grip on the cue so you can dominate your pool games !
    € 159,00
    Ref: QA.BUF.DOM.1
    Beschikbaarheid: 2-3 weken

    Reward PointsKoop en verdien 13 Punten K
    • Play with Extra Confidence
    • SCT Ferrule to Improve Control
    • Regular Deflection Shaft
    • Dynamic Shock Protection Grip
    • American Style Professional Taper
    • Good Value for Money
    • 19-20oz Weight
    Garantie Nee
    Keu type Pool keu
    Handgreep type Synthetische handgreep
    Keu ontwerp Bestickerd
    Sluiting 5/16x18
    Vorm Pro
    Lengte Topeind 29 inches
    Tip Diameter 13 mm
    Pomerans Maesteri
    Keu verlengstuk Geen
    Joint beschermers Niet-inbegrepen
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