Buffalo Royal Plus Ocean Blue - Pre-cut set with rails

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Buffalo introduces the Royal Plus Cloth, made of a mix of polyester en viscose fibres, an innovation in billiards. A true carom cloth, very suitable for 3-cushion, at a competitive price.
The Royal Plus Cloth has undergone several rigid tests, performed by a number of experienced billard players. Their conclusion: In durability and performance, the cloth can compete with the existing A-brands.

Pre-cut set with rails in two table sizes.

Purchase and earn 10 K points

The Buffalo Royal Plus Cloth was tested heavily, to get insight into the dragging and sliding friction and the durability of the cloth.
Also the performances of the balls were recorded with a High Speed Camera, in order to make a comparison with the conventional cloths.
The results are positive. The Royal Plus Cloth has a number of characteristics, highly appreciated by 3-cushion players. For example more spin retention. The thin cloth is very fast en doesn’t attract moisture like wool cloths do.
The tests prove there is no need to heat the billardtable, which reduces the energy bill.

The composition of the fibers and the used weaving method (angle of 90 degrees, instead of 60 degrees) is giving extra strength, flexibility and shine to the cloth. The cloth is also dyed and underwent a special chemical process, which gives it a durable and smooth structure. This is also very beneficial to the speed of the billardballs.

  • New innovative sheet
  • Quality comparable to A-brands!
  • No heating required
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Mix of polyester and viscoze fibers
  • Unique weave method
  • Pre-cut set with rails
Purchase and earn 10 K points
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Manufacturer Buffalo
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