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You would like to offer a Kozoom Premium membership to a family member or a friend ? Your Club would like to reward a player differently than with a trophy ? With a Kozoom Premium Pass, you are certain to please a billiard fan. This membership gives access to all the Live streaming of the main competitions, as well as thousands of hours or Replays on http://www.kozoom.com/en/billiard-carom/. A unique content to follow the greatest players throughout the season and learn more about the game.

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주문 후 고유 코드가 포함 된 이메일을 받게됩니다. 멤버십을 활성화하려면 먼저 코줌 3쿠션 잡지에 영어 계정을 만들어야합니다. 로그인 한 후 회원 주문 페이지의 쿠폰 코드 상자에 코드를 복사하여 붙여 넣어야합니다. http://www.kozoom.com/en/billiard-carom/premium-pass/ . 이 코드를 확인하면 회원은 12 개월 동안 제한된 액세스에서 프리미엄 액세스로 변경됩니다.

Purchase and earn 7 K points
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