Taco de Snooker/Blackball Cue Craft Triumph 2

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All the range Triumph is available both for the 8 Pool and Snooker Cue Craft is one of most famous brand in 8 Pool & Snooker. These cues are made of high-quality materials

Compra y gana 37 puntos K
Cue Craft Triumph 2 8 Pool Cue: • 2 pieces 3/4 cue for 8 Pool & Snooker • Made with ash • Butt in ash and ebony • Ebony and cocobolo flame • Brass joint • Brass ferrule This cue is sold with an ash shaft with leather tip. • Lenght: 145 cm • Diameter: 8-8.5 mm or 9.5 mm on order • Weight: 510 g The weight can vary of ± 15 g. This Cue Craft Triumph is available for Snooker (in 9.5 mm) only on order. The delivery delay is about 8 weeks.

Compra y gana 37 puntos K
Más Información
Marca Cue Craft
Tipo de taco 3/4
Tipo de Agarre Liso
Tipo de decoración Madera natural
Rosca Rosca de latón
Perfil de flecha Conical
Diámetro de Suela 8-8.5 mm / 9.5 mm
Suela Leather tip
Extensión de taco No
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