Molinari Lancia Trident shaft - Radial Joint - 68.5cm / 11.5mm

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The Lancia is engineered, designed and manufactured in our new Belgian factory. A combination of carefully selected fibers embedded in epoxy resin, results in a body with the required stiffness. This allows for a wide range of shapes without sacrificing stability, whereas with a traditional wooden shaft one will always need a certain volume to reach the desired level of strength and power.

  • Taper: Eiffel
  • Length: 68.5cm
  • Weight: 120 – 125 gram
  • Diameter: 11.5 mm
  • Low deflection (LD)
  • Tip: Molinari®
  • Radial joint
  • Trident ring
  • Joint-collar ring color: Black
Manufacturer Molinari
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Cue Type Carom Cue
Cue Joint Radial
Cue Tip Molinari Medium
Shaft Taper Eiffel
Shaft length 68.5 cm
Tip Diameter 11.5 mm
Shaft Material Carbon
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