Modern Pool - Ralf Eckert

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Modern Pool is the Classic in German Billiard Literature and has been printed in English since April 2005. This book is admired for its comprehensive illumination on the subject of Pool Billiards. With this Book, Ralph Eckert has put a complete study and training program together to turn a Beginner into an Advanced pool player. It closes the gaps of knowledge that are important in learning the advanced techniques . He shows you how to stroke correctly, and with his training program that includes over 300 defined graphic illustrations, he brings you to understand that Pool is much more than mastering the rules of the game.

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Over 40 photographs show proper playing equipment and a correct stance. This Book has great depth and is the right one for a beginner wanting to learn to play pool. Advanced players can use it to learn this game from another point of view and/or discover problem zones, when they have come to the point in their game, where they have reached a plateau. Through following the method of training outlined by the Author, this book is a great way to help you help yourself. The Author is known as being one of the best players in Germany and has gathered this knowledge from the past ten years of personal teachings, supplemented with a the American know-how that he learned in the States. This was the first time an active professional pool player in Germany compiled his Tips and Tricks in a complete Book. Due to Eckert's knowledge and experience he has advanced to the ranks of Germanys best trainers and has been awarded by the EPBF (European Pocket billiard Federation) the title of European-Trainer.

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Manufacturer Litho-Verlag
Sport Pool
Author Ralf Eckert
Language English
Pages 320
Printing Color + black & white
Binding Paperback
Editor Litho-Verlag
Year 2005
ISBN 3-9804706-5-2
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