Mezz Air Shooter Jump Cue

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The shortest distance between two objects is a straight line.

The "AIRSHOOTER" is a groundbreaking jump cue designed for optimal balance, shape and power. The combined utilization of key elements such as a wooden joint and a specially designed Z ferrule / BI tip has led to the achievement of being able to maximize the overall integration and jumping power of the cue. The AIRSHOOTER also features a unique butt taper and shape designed specifically for both popular styles of jump shot strokes, the "standard" stroke and the "dart" stroke. Not only does this advanced shape design make it easier to jump balls, it also helps to improve cue ball control (after the shot).
Purchase and earn 15 K points

Mezz Air SHooter Jump Cue

Purchase and earn 15 K points
Cue TypeJump Cue
Wrap TypeNo Wrap
Cue DesignPainted
Cue JointWood Joint
Shaft TaperCustom
Shaft lengthNo
Tip Diameter12.75 mm
Cue TipMezz BI
Cue ExtensionNone
Joint ProtectorsNot included
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