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    1. Mezz Extension Set
      Mezz Extension Set
      Incl. Tax: €132.00 Excl. Tax: €110.00
    2. Mezz Cue Magic Professional Tip Tool
      Mezz Cue Magic Professional Tip Tool
      Incl. Tax: €28.00 Excl. Tax: €23.33
    3. Official Weight Kit for Mezz Carom and Pool Cues
      Official Weight Kit for Mezz Carom and Pool Cues
      Incl. Tax: €55.00 Excl. Tax: €45.83

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    Mezz MSP-C Cocobolo Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

    Mezz MSP-C Cocobolo Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Mezz MSP-C Cocobolo Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

    Mezz MSP-C Cocobolo Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

    Mezz MSP-C Cocobolo Sneaky Pete Pool Cue With No Wrap

    • A Cocobolo and Birdseye Maple pool cue
    • High performance Mezz WX700 shaft.
    • Mezz United Joint
    • Professional Tip
    • No Wrap
    Incl. Tax: €473.00 Excl. Tax: €394.17
    Ref: QA.MEZ.BU.MSP.C
    Availability: In Stock (2)

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    Increase your accuracy with the WX700 shaft.
    This new Mezz design of hard maple shafts has low deflection performance that can enhance every player's game, but yet has the feel of a traditional one-piece maple shaft. The ISS technology will increase accuracy and generate more power using spin on every shot.

    X Ferrule
    The X ferrule is made of a specially formulated Nylon material. It has some elasticity, but yet is resistant to friction heat.

    ISS Technology
    The "Internal Support System" built into the tip-end of each cue utilizes light internal support materials like the softer X ferrule creates an impact that "holds" the cue ball longer, adding additional spin and creating greater accuracy through lower deflection.
    Warranty Unknown
    Cue Type Pool Cue
    Wrap Type No Wrap
    Cue Design Natural Woods
    Cue Joint Mezz United
    Shaft Taper Pro
    Shaft length 29 inches
    Tip Diameter 12.5 mm
    Cue Tip LePro
    Cue Extension None
    Joint Protectors Included
    Great cue. Review byPrzemyslaw
    I bought this cue almost 2 month ego. A have been playing a lot. At first - the quality is just outstanding. I had a few cues and i have a comparison. For example i have Predator BK2 - huge difference. The wood looks very good. It isn’t any cheap piece of wood.
    I bought it with EX PRO shaft. 3 years ago i was playing with AXI and WD700.
    Playability is very good. Hit is quite firm. As i remember the hit with ex pro is firmer but not as firm like with Hybrid pro2. The feeling is very good like wd700. I coudn’t play with a soft tip. I had to change to hard G2 and now i very good couple :). Left or right english - it’s very easy to do especially with hard tip.
    Ex pro has different taper. Not as wx700 or 314. This one is straight. I don’t now how to describe but if you look across the shaft is just straight, not like in wx700 with some curve. It seems that it’s wide like 13mm or even more.
    I ordered 19oz but i received 19,3oz.
    2200km but it took only 4 days.
    Sorry for my English. (Posted on December 12, 2016)
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