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    Aramith Super Pro 57,2 mm - US Pool Billiard Balls

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    • Aramith Super Pro 57,2 mm - US Pool Billiard Balls
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    Aramith Super Pro 57,2 mm - US Pool Billiard Balls

    This set of balls in sparkling colors is used in championships and tournaments of the whole world.

    Density and resistance, sphericity and rotation, homogeneity and grading: the qualities of this set are not to be any more demonstrated.

    It's the benchmark model of the range Saluc. Essential for a high precision game.


    Aramith Lifetime

    Not just a smart buy but a wise investment
    A quality investment
    Perfectly round and balanced - uniform weight and hardness -brilliant colours - friction resistant roll and reaction - are just a few of the key features that have earned Aramith its worldwide reputation as the premiere ball. Aramith balls are internationally approved for tournaments and championships.

    A lifetime investment
    Aramith phenolic balls last up to 5 times longer than other balls made from polymers or polyester. The billiard-play simulator leaves no doubt : Aramith phenolic balls are still perfectly playable even after 400000 hits, whereas others were rendered unusable. No wonder they are the logical choice for commercial and private table-owners.

    A money-saving investment
    Thanks to their exceptionally long service life Aramith guarantees the lowest ball cost over time. The extra hard phenolic surface drastically reduces burn spots on both balls and cloth. As a result, balls need to be polished and replaced far less, saving both time and money.

    A money-making investment
    Aramith balls on the table attract league and tournament players. They enhance the quality image and reputation of any club. Regulars and newcomers stay to improve their play. By generating more income out of each table while lowering operating costs, Aramith balls help increase profits in the long run. And that's how one gets to see the real colour of money.

    Aramith phenolic resin : why it makes the difference !

    Heavy Duty Design
    Heavy duty design
    Rather than a polyester number-plug-design, the Aramith concept has the numbers precision-engraved in a solid core that runs all the way through the ball. As such, it is impossible for number-cores to fall out over time. Using phenolic resin assures homogeneous characteristics in each ball part. So homogeneous that when finally getting to its breaking point (and one needs minimum a 5 ton-load in case of an Aramith ball), the ball will break up totally at random, and not along the parting line between the stripe and the rest of the ball, as one would expect.

    Heavy Duty Design

    Aramith Burn Spot Resistant
    Burn-spot resistant
    Hitting a cue ball actually accelerates it from 0 to over 30 km/h (20 MPH) in just a fraction of a second.The resulting friction temperature between ball and cloth can easily reach 250°c (482°F). That's why Aramith balls are the only ones made from genuine phenolic resin : their molecular structure is engineered to be wear resistant at these high temperatures, making Aramith balls far less vulnerable to abrasive burn-spots. They hold their high luster and smoothness over a much longer period of time, resulting in minimal ball and table cloth wear.

    Aramith Burn Spot Resistant

    Aramith Balls High Impact Resitance
    High Impact resistance
    Because hitting the balls is the essence of the billiard game, impact resistance is a critical factor. Aramith's phenolic heat-curing process fully stabilizes material tensions. It produces a vitrified high-density surface that offers maximum impact resistance. Tests show Aramith phenolic balls to withstand to over 50 times more impacts than other polymer or polyester balls. They are also twice more scratch-resistant. Consequently, when intensively used even on less maintained tables, Aramith balls are clearly far less easily damaged than others by pocket fixings, table mechanisms or cue sticks...

    Aramith Balls High Impact Resitance
    Aramith phenolic resin : designed for high precision play
    Guaranteed "no polyester", genuine Aramith phenolic balls have all the characteristics the demanding player expects.

    The ultimate in balance
    Constant density and balance are of the essence to control speed, direction, spin, impact and rebound in the game.
    Through-hardened phenolic resin offers the unique advantage of a completely stabilized material with homogeneous density dispersion throughout each Aramith ball. With the center of gravity at the center of the ball, the resulting ultimate balance guarantees perfectly true and accurate roll.

    Perfect rebound
    Far more important than ball tolerances are the balls rebound capacities. Only predictable rebounds allow strategic repositioning of the cue ball to optimize the following shot. The unique elasticity of the phenolic Aramith resin has been calibrated to offer the optimal level of rebound to allow players to fully control the effect of every shot.
    Top Quality at a lower price Review byWilliam
    These balls are made to the exact same quality standards as the Pro-Cup TV sets with the Measles cueball and in reality, buying this particulr set is much more practical and feesible.

    Why pay an extra 20.00 for a rack of balls for the same ball sets that has some slight colour changes, when you can have the same top quality product that is every bit as solid, reliable and consistent, but is at a lower price.

    The Super Aramith Pro in the standard colours are a much more feesible investment for anyone who owns a pool room, or invests in their own tournament quality set to practice with or for using in tournaments.

    5 Stars for the quality and price every time. (Posted on September 1, 2014)
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