Pro Pockets Trainingshilfe

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The Pro-Pockets will help you make more balls by tightening your pockets while practicing. Once you get on a normal table, you will make more shots as the pockets will be wider.

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After receiving your ProPocket set, attach the double-sided tape to each piece and store back in the folder. The backing in the folder helps preserve their stickiness. Each pool table has different pockets angles. Some fitters pull the cloth too much so it rounds the point of the corner. Try to place the ProPockets where it best suits your pocket. Press it firmly into place on the inside of the cushion. There are 4 small pieces for the middle pockets and 8 large pieces for the corner pockets. When you have finished playing, store the ProPockets back in the folder to protect them. Each piece of tape has a different lifespan, so you only need to change the tape on the ones where the tape doesn't stick anymore.

Kaufen und verdienen2 Punkte K
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