OB-130 Birdseye Maple Pool Billard Queue

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The OB-130 Birdseye Maple pool cue with 16 Scalloped Ebony Diamond Inlays and Irish linen wrap features a Straight Line Core (SLC). The 16 scalloped Ebony diamond inlays are made with a new technique called Infinity inlays. They feature a sharpness that hasn't been achieved until now, except on expensive elite custom cues. This new inlay technique was developed by OB Cues and is available on the 2013 line of cues. The SLC construction produces a cue that is straight, strong, more stable and stiff. This means that this cue is built straight, and that it will stay straight and have a great hit. The OB-130 pool cue also has a Centralized Balance System. Weight has been positioned in very specific locations inside the butt of the cue to create an evenly balanced cue with a feedback that is both crisp and lively.

• Woods used: Birdseye Maple in the forearm and sleeve
• 16 Scalopped Ebony Diamond Inlays
• Irish Linen Wrap
• Joint: 3/8x10.
• Standard Tip: Everest.
• Standard Cue length: 58 inches.

Kaufen und verdienen 44 Punkte K

Shaft Choice: Every New OB Cue comes with your choice of either an OB-1+, OB-2+, OB Classic+ or OB Pro+ shaft.

Kaufen und verdienen 44 Punkte K
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GarantieLebensgarantie (begrenzt)
QueuesortePool Cue
Queue designEinlagen
Oberteile formPro
Oberteile Länge29 inches
Klebeleder Durchmesser12.75 mm
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