Molinari by Predator Kuro 2-1 Billard Queue

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The Molinari by Predator Kuro cue's accuracy and amazing feel will revolutionize your game ! It is constructed with the Predator C4 technology and black maple forearm with eight black Micarta points and turquoise Moroccan diamond inlays. It comes with one high-performance Molinari by Predator Vantage 3C shaft that is more accurate than conventional shafts and generates more spin. You will see a real difference in accuracy on long shots with side spin. You don't need to compensate for the cue ball deflecting to the side, it goes where you are aiming. The Predator 3C shaft is a real revolution that will help you play better, whether you are new to the game or a confirmed player. Standard tip diameter: 11.8 mm.

Kaufen und verdienen 110 Punkte K

Molinari Cues History: Predator® was the first cue manufacturer who approached the development of billiard cues scientifically. Its relentless research and constant testing made Predator® the most famous high-end cue manufacturer in the world. Molinari™ Cues now make the Predator technologies available for carom billiard players. Cue Ball Deflection: When a shot is played with 'English' or 'side spin', a phenomenon called Cue Ball Deflection occurs: the cue ball deflects from its intended trajectory. The amount of deflection depends on the cue, or more specifically the shaft, the place where the cue hits the ball and the speed. In general, the higher the speed, and the more off-center the hit is, the more deflection occurs. Molinari™ low-deflection cues require less adjustment for cue ball deflection and therefore make the game easier. Difference between pool and carom cues: Carom and pool are different disciplines that require different dynamics for an optimal result. A carom ball is 30% heavier than a pool ball, which impacts the amount of cue ball deflection, and the inner and outer dimensions of the carom cues have been re-engineered to achieve the preferred balance point and feel of carom players.

Kaufen und verdienen 110 Punkte K
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GarantieLebensgarantie (begrenzt)
Queue designEinlagen
GewindeUni-Loc Radial
Oberteile formCustom
Klebeleder Durchmesser11.8 mm
QueuelederPredator Victory (Medium)
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