Mezz EC7-W6 Pool Billard Queue

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Mezz EC7 W6 Pool Cue With a Linen Wrap

• An exotic wood pool cue with high quality inlay materials: Juma, Turquoise, White Turquoise and white stitch rings.
• High performance Mezz WX700 shaft.
• Mezz United Joint
• Kamui Tip
• Aegis rings

Kaufen und verdienen 79 Punkte K

Increase your accuracy with the WX700 shaft. This new Mezz design of hard maple shafts has low deflection performance that can enhance every player's game, but yet has the feel of a traditional one-piece maple shaft. The ISS technology will increase accuracy and generate more power using spin on every shot.

Kamui Tip The Japanese Kamui Original Soft tip is installed standard. It is made of 9-layers of genuine pigskin leather and provides added consistency, a more natural feel and superior cue ball control.

NX Ferrule The NX ferrule is made of a specially formulated with tow different materials. It has some elasticity, but yet is resistant to friction heat.

ISS Technology The "Internal Support System" built into the tip-end of each cue utilizes light internal support materials like the softer NX ferrule creates an impact that "holds" the cue ball longer, adding additional spin and creating greater accuracy through lower deflection.

Kaufen und verdienen 79 Punkte K
Mehr Informationen
QueuesortePool Cue
Queue designEinlagen
GewindeMezz United
Oberteile formPro
Oberteile Länge29 inches
Klebeleder Durchmesser12.5 mm
Queue-VerlängerungCompatible with Mezz Extension Kit (needs X bumper)
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