Tiger – Klebeleder

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Tiger Laminated Cue Tips, play with one and improve your game!

Kaufen und verdienen 1 Punkte K

Laminated with VACULAM™ process and made out of eleven layers of either pig skin for the medium and hard tips and cow hide for the soft, Tiger Laminated Cue Tips give the players the most choices on hardness, playability or control.

The Soft Tiger tips, made of white cow skin, gives the player all the benefits of a soft tip.

Both of the Medium and Hard Tiger tips have dark brown color and are made with two different type of treated pig skins.

By using the natural characters of the leather the manufacturer Tiger is able to achieve better consistency and maximum control on the specific hardness.

• Soft
• Medium
• Hard

Size: 14 mm

Sold individually. Price is for 1 tip.

Kaufen und verdienen 1 Punkte K
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Hersteller Tiger
Klebeleder Durchmesser 14 mm
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