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    Reinigungstuch für Predator REVO Kohlenstoff Oberteile

    Reinigungstuch für Predator REVO Kohlenstoff Billard Oberteile
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    • Reinigungstuch für Predator REVO Kohlenstoff Billard Oberteile
    25,00 €
    Verfügbarkeit: Ausverkauft
    Ungefähres Datum der Verfügbarkeit:27/12/2017

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    Reinigungstuch für Predator REVO Kohlenstoff Oberteile

    Clean your Predator REVO High-Performance Shaft safely and quickly with the Predator R-Wipes. The easiest way to maintain your REVO carbon shaft.
    Each box contains 50 R-Wipe towelettes developed to keep your Predator REVO shaft’s low-friction surface in smooth condition.
    Each wipe measures 5” x 8.5”.

    REVO Shaft Finish Maintenance

    REVO carbon composite shafts should never be sanded or modified. Sanding the surface of the REVO shaft will damage the exterior finish and weaken the shaft’s structural integrity and release potentially harmful materials that could affect your health. Any sanding, polishing, or treatment of the surface of the shaft with chemicals or abrasives of any kind will void the shaft’s limited-lifetime warranty and negatively affect the shaft’s longevity and performance. Never use talcum powder, baby powder, hand chalk, or other shaft treatments on a REVO carbon fiber composite shaft.

    To clean the surface of your REVO carbon composite shaft, you can use one of the following two solutions: REVO Wipes, or Isopropyl Alcohol (90%) cleaning.

    Step 1. Wipe the shaft with the included microfiber cleaning cloth, brushing away any lose dirt, dust and debris.

    Step 2. Using a REVO wipe or soft cloth towel with a reasonable amount of Isopropyl Alcohol (90%), work up and down the shaft, from the joint end toward the tip while rotating your hand around the shaft’s circumference. You may see dirt on the towelette – this is normal. Continue to work the shaft until all areas have been thoroughly wiped, allowing 1-2 minutes for the surface to dry.

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