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    Queuereiniger Cue Doctor

    Cue Doctor Shaft Cleaner and Conditioner - Maintenance Cleaning
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    • Cue Doctor Shaft Cleaner and Conditioner - Maintenance Cleaning
    17,50 €
    Ref: A.CD.SC
    Verfügbarkeit: 3-4 wochen

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    Queuereiniger Cue Doctor

    The Cue Doctor Billiard Shaft Cleaner and Conditioner is a proprietary formula tested in a laboratory which cleans and also conditions the wood in only one application. It is designed to gently remove dirt and chalk from the shaft while nourishing the wood and leaving a smooth feeling.
    It does not contain any alcohol, acetone, or other harsh chemicals that can dry out the wood and damage a your shaft.

    You will obtain the best results if used on your billiard cue shaft in combination with the Cue Doctor Cue Billiard Cue Wax for a smooth shaft.
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