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    Longoni Lux 2x4 Queue Koffer

    Longoni Lux 2x4 Billard Queue Koffer
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    • Longoni Lux 2x4 Billard Queue Koffer
    • Longoni Lux 2x4 Billard Queue Koffer
    • Longoni Lux 2x4 Billard Queue Koffer
    • Longoni Lux 2x4 Billard Queue Koffer
    • Longoni Lux 2x4 Queue Koffer
    269,00 €
    Ref: E.LON.VIN.LUX
    Verfügbarkeit: Lieferbar (4)

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    Longoni Lux 2x4 Queue Koffer

    For 60 years we have been making, from wood and creativity, your passion: billiard cues. The love with which we realize in Italy each detail of our cues lives and strengthens in the creation of the safest and most resistant cases all over the world: our ABS cue cases SHOCK RESISTANT. With an exclusive Made in Italy design, inside our hard cases you will no more be in fear for the safety of your nice cues, because besides saving from shocks, our cue cases allow an inimitable protection from the worst enemies: temperature changes and humidity. Nowadays our cue cases, which are completely ecological and recyclable, are the most professional and technologically advanced system of protection of your playing instruments, and they allow you to fly on planes without fearing irremediable damages!
    • Holds 2 butts and 4 shafts.
    • Real Italian leather trim on the outside
    • Shock resistant ABS material
    • Thermal protection
    • Easy transportation
    • Combination locking system
    • Elegant details
    • Italian design and craftsmanship
    • Maximum internal length: 80 cm
    • External dimensions: 820 x 195 x 80 mm
    • Weight 2 kg
    Garantie 2 Jahre
    Taschentype Koffer
    Taschenlänge 1/2
    Tasche fûr jump Nein
    Taschenmaterial ABS
    Speicherkapazität Klein
    Taschenraum 2 x 5
    Ungefähren Abmessungen Nein
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