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    Buffalo Premium 4 Pool Queue

    Buffalo Maxum 3 Pool Billard Queue
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    • Buffalo Premium No 4 Pool Cue
    • Buffalo Maxum 3 Pool Billard Queue
    169,00 €
    Ref: QA.BUF.PRE.4
    Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 wochen

    Reward PointsKaufen Sie dieses Produkt und gewinnen Sie 14 Punkte K

    Buffalo Premium 4 Pool Queue

    The Buffalo Premium 4 pool cue has a maple forearm that features 8 spliced rosewood chevrons with ebony veneers, and 'mother-of-pearl' circle inlays. The Maple butt sleeve contains an inlaid ring of maple, and rosewood rectangles with 'mother-of-pearl' circle inlays. With a stainless steel joint highlighted by two nickel silver rings.

    The joint provides maximum contact between the butt and shaft and gives you a solid hit which generates an extra reliable feel with every shot. Perfect for the average player who wants to improve his game.

    The Buffalo Premium Series uses specially selected Birds-eye maple, with exotic hardwood inlays and rings and offers unmatched value for the money !
    • Improves Control and Feel
    • Unmatched Value for Money
    • Shaft: Regular Deflection
    • American Style Professional Taper
    • Great Value for Money
    • Quality Controlled
    • 19-20 oz Weight
    Garantie Nein
    Queuesorte Pool Cue
    Griffband Leinen
    Queue design Einlagen
    Gewinde 5/16x18
    Oberteile form Pro
    Oberteile Länge 29 inches
    Klebeleder Durchmesser 13 mm
    Queueleder LePro
    Queue-Verlängerung Keine
    Gewindeschoner Nicht inbegriffen
    Keine Bewertungen gefunden