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    DVD - Trilogy AGIPI - 2005-2006-2007

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    • DVD - Trilogy AGIPI - 2005-2006-2007
    24,90 €
    Ref: V.KOZ.DVD.0039
    Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 wochen

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    DVD - Trilogy AGIPI - 2005-2006-2007

    Relive the greatest moments of the historic triple win of Club AGIPI in the European Cup !

    A triple DVD that totals more than 5 hours of videos, with a selection of the best games and ambiance sequences.
    DVD1 - Andernos 2005
    Marco Zanetti's best sets, opposed to Eddy Leppens, Peter De Backer and Filip Kasidokostas. Lead by a charismatic player, discover the victory's backstage of a young team that includes Johann Loncelle, Jérémy Bury and Christophe Duval.

    DVD2 - Schiltigheim 2006
    In a brand new auditorieum, AGIPI, reinforced by the presence of Frédéric Caudron, wins his bet : to keep the Cup in France despite the presence of a four merciless opponents from Turkey (Sayginer, Tasdemir, Yuksel, Coklu) that was the favorite.

    DVD3 - Schiltigheim 2007
    Impressive all along the Top Ligue season, the AGIPI team changes status. The outsiders become favorites. A role admirably undertaken by Jérémy Bury and Christophe Duval who largely contributed to bring their team to victory, in front of a young and talented Spanish team.

    With comments from Jérémy Bury, Xavier Carrer and Roland Forthomme.
    Garantie Nein
    Sport Dreiband
    Videosorte DVD
    Video inhalt Match
    Sprache French
    Bemerkungen Ja
    Video Definition SD
    Bildschirm 4/3
    Länge 5H10
    Video Format MPEG 2
    Video Size Nein
    Jahr 2007
    Redakteur Kozoom Production
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