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    Universal Tiger No.1 Billard Queue

    Universal Tiger No.1 Billard Queue Universal Tiger No.1 Billard Queue

    Universal Tiger No.1 Billard Queue

    Universal billiard cues, the kind That champions use. And that's not for nothing! A great new series of cues, which has now also found their way into the hands of some well-known international billiard players.

    And give these players even wrong. What an unprecedented design and technology have these cues! Not for nothing do they earn each one exceptional results during training and competitions. Feeling and confidence that you get from these cues. And let that be just the thing, what players need it most. To bring performance, which is what they had in mind. And these cues imagine never disappoint them. Are you the next who knows how to drive on his results and averages? Look no further, this is better than it really is not! A series of cues with such a technique, and for this great price because the competition can only dream of.
    249,00 €
    Ref: QC.UNI.TIG.NO1
    Verfügbarkeit: Lieferbar

    Reward PointsKaufen Sie dieses Produkt und gewinnen Sie 21 Punkte K
    • 8-piece laminated multi-layer shaft
    • Everest tip and XTC ferrule
    • 10T Korean aluminum wire
    • Special 'color stained' treatment for great looks!
    • Guaranteed Craftsmanship
    • 100 percent quality guarantee

    For cadre / libre: <490 grams = 11mm tip.
    For 3-cushion: >500 grams = 12mm tip.
    Garantie 2 Jahre
    Queuesorte Dreiband / Libre
    Griffband Naturalholz
    Queue design Lack
    Gewinde 3/8x10
    Oberteile form Custom
    Oberteile Länge 68.5 cm
    Klebeleder Durchmesser 11 / 12 mm
    Queueleder Everest
    Queue-Verlängerung Keine
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